Who uses Siddur Eit Ratzon?

Siddur Eit Ratzon is a traditional prayerbook designed for those who seek spirituality and meaning beyond what they have found in conventional prayerbooks.

Siddur Eit Ratzon is perfect for

Prayer services

  • Synagogue services
  • Havurah services
  • Learners' services
  • Enrichment of standard prayerbook
  • Companion to prayerbook currently in use

Synagogues or havurot may borrow copies of the Siddur to try out at their services; please the author to indicate your interest in such a loan.

Individual prayer

  • Use for a traditional service
  • Follow a spiritual journey
  • Inspirational readings


  • Learn about Jewish prayer
  • Prepare for standard services
  • Use in discussion groups
  • Use as reference material

Spiritual seekers

  • Bringing God into your life
  • Providing a spiritual perspective on prayer
  • Making the prayers meaningful


  • For bar- and bat-mitzvah
  • For spiritual seekers
  • For birthday and hanukkah presents
  • For all occasions

  Havurah  is the Hebrew word for fellowship. In a havurah, a group of friends meets regularly for participatory prayer services or to share other Jewish experiences, like study, celebration, or social action. Havurot can be independent or organized within the framework of a synagogue. For information about havurot in your geographical area, check the website of the National Havurah Committee.