What Readers Say

I absolutely love this siddur. It is so easy to navigate and I use it almost daily for davening. It is written in clear modern English that does not take away from the traditional. I love the way the Hebrew is line by line next to the English translation. This makes it very easy to move back and forth between Hebrew and English. This definitely should be a part of of every Jewish household library.—Chris Converse, Wasilla, AK

I love it. I was reading it on a subway platform and I found myself davening... and I've never davened before! It's really beautiful. It's a way into Jewish prayer for me and I've never had one. Thank you.—Eric Davis, New York, NY

I loved the new siddur the moment I opened it! The language is relevant to the way I talk and interpreted in such a way that makes my davening in English very meaningful. I continue to be informed by the commentary and inspired by the Kavvanot and meditation. Thank you for creatively finding a way to enhance my daily worship.—Susan Diamond, Wheeling, IL
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Thanks so much for writing a prayer book that assumes that we are all thinking individuals. I am really enjoying it! —Sue Stern, Dayville, CT

My whole Shabbat experience has been transformed by the spirituality with which you approach the explanations, translations and meditations. —Leslie Levy, Atlanta, GA

The siddur is the most meaningful I've ever seen, but organized prayer and Jewish prayer are not a steady part of my life. I wish I had seen it first when I was in Hebrew School and going to Temple practically every Saturday. —Susan Picker, Brooklyn, NY

I like your siddur very much. Since I am from Russia and didn’t have the opportunity to touch my religion, I have a lot of questions about services. Now I am getting the answers. Thanks a lot. —Zara Nemchenok, Brookline, MA

While I am very spiritual and very much a believer in God, I sure wasn't getting the warm feeling from services that other people professed to feel. I saw a sample copy of your siddur at Shul a couple of months ago. I was so impressed I put my order in for a copy immediately. The English is so friendly, the translations are what I keep thinking of as 'user friendly', and the transliteration is so readable. I feel like someone is holding my hand as I read the book. For the first time in 56 years, I can go to a Shabbat service and follow along with the leaders. ... what I've written doesn't even begin to describe what I feel like when I go to services. It's like someone turned the light on for me where I've been in the dark for so long. Thank you, so much, for the effort you put into this book. I have been singing the praises of Eit Ratzon to everyone who will listen. —Nancy Kalef, Southfield, MI

I could go on and on about the many blessings I have gotten from the Siddur, but I will save us both time and give you just one: "Every moment is the right time for prayer." It seems so silly to have thought for so long the only time for prayer was in temple or as part of my morning meditation or while lighting Shabbat candles! Now prayer - gratitude in particular, but also frequently praise - punctuates my day any number of times throughout the day (e.g. right now, thanking God for your Siddur and sending blessings to you). This simple reallignment of perspective is a huge blessing in my life. Thank you so very much. I took the Siddur down the Colorado River with me and conducted my own prayer services every morning and most nights throughout Elul. —Rob Elliott, Flagstaff, AZ

You truly capture the spirit of the prayers and the intended meaning of the individual words, even when idiomatic or elusive. I will be buying several copies to give as presents to like-minded friends. I believe you have created a real winner in this publication. Our jewish (and non-jewish) brothers and sisters will be enriched by its spiritual feel and by the apparent beauty with which you evidently see the world - and ourselves. —Jonathan Kramer, Pittsfield, MA.

This is a rich creation, one which can be used by the new davener for learning and the experienced davener for inspiration. Eit Ratzon is not just another interesting Siddur, it is a spiritual and intellectual endeavor of incredible depth, conceived by a prayer master. We had the opportunity to use Eit Ratzon at our daughter's Bat Mitzvah. The Siddur received multiple compliments from our guests including Jews active in communal life and non-religious Jewish friends. Not to be missed. —Bruce Birnberg, East Brunswick, NJ

As someone who rebels against blind confining patterns, I was thrilled with the 'alternatives' and explanations. —Karen Alkalay-Gut, Tel Aviv, Israel

I've now used versions of Siddur Eit Ratzon for almost 4 years. It's wonderful to have a complete siddur for the Shabbat and holidays that I can use, as written. The Hebrew is complete, the English sensitive to gender and other concerns. I constantly learn from the notes; the kavvanot strenghten my prayers; and many of the "new prayers" or additions fulfill previously unmet prayers needs, in a style and voice that is internally consistent and is not a jarring departure from traditional styles. Siddur Eit Ratzon has great integrity and is a wonderful contribution to the spiritual life and growth of the community. —Jerry Langer, Highland Park, NJ

I have had the pleasure of davening from this very special siddur, with its generally traditional Hebrew and its beautiful, egalitarian translations, kavannot and notes. I experience Siddur Eit Ratzon as a gift from Joe of his deep learning and spirituality, and I feel most blessed to be the fortunate recipient.—Judy Richman, Highland Park, NJ

I'd like to add my endorsement of the new Siddur Eit Ratzon. Every word of the Hebrew is transliterated; the spiritual journey of the liturgy is explicitly laid out; wherever there is something new, the traditional is preserved to allow for choice; and the commentaries are thoughtful and illuminating. It's a magnificent contribution.—Chayyim ben Fishel, Portland, Maine

I find that the Siddur is easy to davven from and lead from. The layout is spacious. That helps me to slow down and breathe, to rest on a line, go deep, and really taste it. The side notes and alternatives are excellent and help to deepen the davvening. Your translations are fresh and breathe life into and add new dimensions to the tefilah. And having the interlinear English/Hebrew/transliteration is a crying omission from many Siddurim; this will allow people of all levels to participate with ease. In short, I really like it and am glad that you created it. —David Blumenstein, Alexandria, Virginia